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Cushla Tea

Ginseng Oolong

Ginseng Oolong

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Our premium ginseng oolong tea has a pleasant roasty aroma with bright flavor. Hints of herbaceous and a slight zing of ginseng with a sublime sweet aftertaste. As with any tea, the flavor profile is always open to your own own personal interpretation.

Bag Size: 4 oz
Cups Of  Tea: 40+ cups of tea (reuse leaves for multiple cups)
Region: Japan
Ingredients: ginseng, oolong

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

This tea would make a great Christmas gift!

Help Immune system

It make my immune system stronger.

Strong tea flavor.

I love oolong tea, but was not sure about the flavor of ginseng with green tea. The ginseng might have added a hint of bitterness, but overall it did not impact the light delicate flavor of good green tea. The package is very small…fit in your hand, but the tea inside is rolled, not chopped or cut, and has good flavor. Make sure to steep at least 10-15 minutes, or until the leaves hydrate fully and open up.

Its tasty

I like this oolong tea. I've tried it alone and blended with butterfly pea blossoms (I just really like them). It seems to have a pretty good flavor and brews pretty easily. I've been able to brew a second time with this tea ok and its a little lighter in flavor. I only took one star off because sometimes the little pearls don't open even if it sits there for a while. I would still order this tea again, 4.5/5.

Leaves Unfold Beautifully; Light Tea

I love the gentle steady energy the ginseng in this tea can bring. It is a lighter roast that is indeed more like a green tea than a browner oolong. The leaves unfurl beautifully and the flavor has those floral notes that tend to be present in high quality teas. It’s a good sized bag for the price point, so a good value for top quality tea. In addition, in my experience the second steeping tastes even better than the first. I haven’t tried third or fourth steepings, as two seems like enough for my taste buds.

For my taste, I’d prefer a breakfast tea or a darker oolong with the spicy ginseng. This is a good blend for green tea fans or for those who prefer less caffeine with more ginseng. All that said, it’s a great product and well-worth it.