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Cushla Tea

Gaba Oolong

Gaba Oolong

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Our organic Taiwanese GABA oolong tea leaves are carefully processed prior to plucking. They are left partially shaded which increases the natural production of GABA in the leaves. During the oxidation-phase of production, the leaves are flushed with nitrogen gas. This brings out the naturally occurring GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) in the tea leaves.

Contents: 3 oz whole leaf
Cups Of Tea: 40+ (reuse leaves for multiple cups)
Region: Taiwan
Ingredients: premium gaba oolong

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Posh & Delicious!

I really love Oolong's one of my favorite drinks to have in the evening. The GABA in Oolong helps me calm down after a busy work day.

Marlene C.
I appreciate the quality of this tea.

I love this tea brand very refreshing, seller was able to solve an issue with my order. I will order more again.

William O.
Great taste

I like the product very much and helps my anxiety.

Gaby at Starting Fresh blog
Rich, smooth taste

The Oolong tea has a clear, smooth taste. I find that I'm able to brew several pots with the same leaves and the tea is flavorful for at least 3 brews. The tea is flavorful and tasty.

Taste good, relaxing and may have health benefits

We haven't tried any Oolong tea before this way in a tea bag at home. So we gave this one a try and were really surprised to taste the tea as good as it can be. it has nice flavor, good color, taste good and has good relaxing quality. Not sure about the other claims of blood sugar, blood pressure reducer but possible. 5 Stars.