Mobile Apps for Healthy Living

Mobile Apps for Healthy Living

Wellness is trending. With our phones connected to our bodies 24/7, the convergence of smartphone technology and wellness is a no-brainer for app developers. It is kind of like having that gym buddy you’ve always wanted right in your pocket. There are countless mobile apps for healthy living that range from free to subscription based. From activity tracking to guided mediation, here are a handful of apps you might find useful in meeting your wellness goals for 2019:


For walkers and runners, or those who want the motivation and the coaching to become one, consider checking out the Fitbit app or the Couch to 5k app.

You’ve probably heard a friend or coworker talking about how many “steps” they have completed or still have left for the day. If so, it is highly likely they use the Fitbit App. Fitbit will count the number of steps you take throughout your day and your calories burned. You can set goals, track your weight, and compare and compete with friends who also use the app. This app uses your phone’s sensors to track your daily activity and keeps tabs on you even when the program is not open. Once you open Fitbit on your phone and connect to the internet, it will automatically download all your stored data to your Fitbit dashboard so you can follow your progress over time.

The popular running app, Couch to 5K, will deliver you with the training program and the motivation to get off your couch and on track with your running goals. This is a great option for beginner runners, or those who have fallen out of their exercise routine. The app will keep track of your workouts, including distance and pace, using the GPS on your phone. In addition to tracking, the app provides you with a digital coach who will offer motivation and encouragement to keep you moving. You can choose to share your progress on Facebook and connect with other runners using the app if you are interested in the support of a running community.

Mental Health

If improving your mental well-being is a priority for you, try out HeadSpace or Calm. These two apps put the spotlight on mental health with a focus on meditation and sleep.

Headspace promotes a science-based approach and offers a number of guided meditations. You can choose your meditation based on its purpose, whether it be to sleep, meditation to reduce anxiety, or even a meditation to share with your child.

Calm was named the app of the year in 2017 and is promoted as the number one app for meditation and sleep. The app includes tips and techniques, guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing exercises and even calming nature scenes you can relax with on the go.

Natural Remedies

For the natural remedy seeker, download HerbList. This app was created by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health to provide consumers with science-based information on the safety and effectiveness of herbal products. Though the app, you can learn different uses for over 50 popular herbs. The app also provides material on safety warnings, side effects and potential herb-drug interactions.


Finally, for the yogi, flow on the go with Yogaglo. If you do not have time to make it to the studio as much as you would like, this app is for you. Digital classes are taught by world-class, certified instructors. Stream classes anytime, anywhere on any device. There is a monthly fee for the service, but costs roughly the same as one class at your local studio.

If, up until now, your app use ends at Facebook and Instagram, consider exploring a few of these options. Of course, these apps are just a small sample of the countless available to smartphone users today. Whatever you decide works best for you, it is great to see the app world offering so many amazing programs to keep us healthy on the go!



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