Medicinal Mushrooms & The Shroom Boom

Medicinal Mushrooms & The Shroom Boom

From mushroom coffee to chai tea, mushroom broth to dietary supplements, the shroom boom is sweeping the nation as Americans focus more attention on wellness. Medicinal mushrooms offer amazing health benefits and their health benefits are becoming widely investigated. Many products featured on health food store shelves today are made from high-impact mushrooms and offer an array of advantageous qualities. If you are interested in the many uses for these interesting fungi, but do not consider yourself a mushroom connoisseur, it can be daunting to know which products to choose for your own personal needs. For this reason, we’ve outlined a small sampling of mushrooms that could have a big impact on good health.

Reishi Mushrooms
Studies have shown that reishi mushrooms exhibit anti-cancer properties, with particular focus on the impact they may have on IBC cells in breast cancer patients. Additional research indicates that reishi mushrooms may also be effective in lowering cholesterol. In addition to these evidence-based uses, reishi mushrooms are sometimes employed to boost the immune system, to fight fatigue and other sleep challenges, to aid in altitude sickness and even to combat certain viral infections. Although not all uses have the science to back them up quite yet, many have come to appreciate that reishi mushrooms offer the numerous possibilities for enhancing health. Despite its laundry list of good qualities, unfortunately this fungus doesn’t boast the best flavor. Described as tough and bitter, you probably would not want to eat these medicinal mushrooms whole, and instead may opt to drink it up in tea form – perhaps with a bit of honey and lemon for enhanced flavor.

Shiitake Mushrooms
You might have seen shiitake mushrooms in the produce section of your regular grocery store. These mushrooms, native to Asia, are a popular choice for cooking and eating. If you enjoy adding shiitake mushrooms to your cooking repertoire, your immune system may be feeling the positive effects. Studies show that regular consumption of shiitake mushrooms improve immune health on both the cellular and humoral branches. Further conclusions from this research suggests that shiitake mushrooms may also decrease inflammatory conditions. We consider this medicinal mushroom a win-win for flavor and function.

Lions Mane Mushrooms
Lions mane mushrooms have a long history of medicinal use. Traditional Chinese Medicine, folk medicine and medicinal Asian cuisine have all integrated Lions Mane Mushrooms in to healing practices for some time. The interesting appearance of this mushroom, with its long spines mimicking the mane of a lion, is not the only impressive attribute of the fungus. Lions mane mushrooms boasts an impressive resume of anti-cancer, anti-dementia and anti-gastric ulcer effects. Some evidence suggests that lion’s mane mushrooms may also possess anti-microbial qualities and wound healing properties. Not only does the lions mane mushroom boast these notable assets, the beefy mushroom makes for a great side dish when sautéed or fried and sliced up for your culinary enjoyment.

Next time you are on the hunt for healthy products, be sure keep an eye out for these fungi. It may seem a little out of the ordinary to add reishi mushroom powder to your smoothie, drink coffee made from lion’s mane mushrooms, or take a dietary supplement packed with mushroom ingredients. However, once you dig a little deeper in to the world of fantastic fungi, you just might discover a new love and appreciate for the magic of medicinal mushrooms.


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