Aloe Vera Mood Improvement & Memory Improvement

Aloe Vera Mood Improvement & Memory Improvement

Aloe Vera Mood Improvement & Memory Improvement

Aging is inevitable. The way our bodies respond throughout the aging process is a result of a combination of lifestyle choices and genetics. While following the Grateful Dead on tour during the seventies seemed like a groovy way to spend a decade at the time, years of living the festival lifestyle may finally be catching up with you. Additionally, not only did you get your fathers piercing blue eyes, but you also were gifted with his receding hairline. Thanks, dad.

Now unless you are Benjamin Button or Tuck Everlasting, there is no Fountain of Youth or magical potion to keep you from aging. Many adults will be confronted with new health conditions as they grow older such as memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. While some of these health conditions do not have a cure, symptoms can often be treated with conventional medical care. That being said, many older adults consider a more holistic or whole-body approach to aging which may include a combination of conventional medicine, healthy lifestyle choices and complementary health practices such as a regimen of vitamins and dietary supplements.

One supplement that has garnered particular attention in the complementary health world for aging individuals is Aloe Vera. Dating back thousands of years, Aloe Vera has long been used for healing. In fact, ancient Egyptians dubbed Aloe Vera “the plant of immortality.” Aloe Vera is most commonly known for its topical treatment of burns and skin irritations. Perhaps lesser known, but equally as significant to some, is the impact Aloe Vera may have on Alzheimer patients as well as its potential to improve memory – both very important qualities for a large population of aging adults.

While many elderly people may still be described as “sharp as a tack,” memory loss is quite common as we grow older. Memory loss does not always mean that an aging individual has Alzheimer’s Disease, a disease that generally shows up after age 60 and impacts the part of the brain that controls memory, thoughts and language. However, memory loss is often one of the first reported symptoms for Alzheimer patients. Whether on its own or as part of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, loss of memory can be absolutely terrifying for the individual suffering, as well as for close family and friends who are also coping with the onset of this and other health conditions.

Outside of conventional medical treatment, aging individuals struggling with memory loss may consider implementing Aloe Vera supplements into their healthcare routine under the guidance of their doctor. A study conducted over a span of 12 months demonstrated improvement in cognitive and immune functioning among Alzheimer patients who consumed an aloe polymannose multi-nutrient complex formula daily. A separate study showed enhanced learning and memory improvement in mice who consumed controlled doses of Aloe Vera. Both studies are indicative that Aloe Vera mood improvement may be a viable possibility for aging people struggling with varying forms of loss of memory and cognitive function.

While Aloe Vera should not be used in place of a prescribed medical treatment plan, the low risks associated with the supplement make it a worthwhile conversation to explore with a trusted doctor when coping with the struggles of growing older.

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