Aloe Vera for Immunity

Aloe Vera for Immunity

Cold and flu season is upon us.  Now is the time to start thinking about your immune system and how you can give it a boost to stay healthy.  One option you may not have considered is aloe vera for immunity.

Aloe vera has many qualities that make it beneficial for helping boost immune system function. Researchers have found that aloe vera appears to have a significant impact on white blood cells, which are the first line of defense of the immune system. White blood cells combat foreign substances in the body, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses before they can take hold and cause infection.

When your immune system isn’t functioning at its best, your white blood cells can become less effective without additional support. This is where aloe vera comes into play. Once your white blood cell count is low, you become more susceptible to infection.

Studies have found that aloe vera has the ability to rupture the cell walls of bacteria in the fight against infection and disease. A review of aloe vera research corroborated its many health benefits, including those properties known to boost immunity.

Aloe vera also contains antioxidant vitamins A, C and E – plus vitamin B12, folic acid and choline. And since 70% of our immune system is in our gut, the polysaccharides of aloe vera act as a natural pre-biotic that helps further support healthy immune function.

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